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Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE)

Thank you to Doolie's family for writing the following testimonial:

Doolie tipped over on a walk on May 7th or 8th -- she went from running after a ball to not being able to lift her head or use any of her legs in a split second. I had to carry her to the car, took her straight to Dr. Kathrin Luderer- at Spring Creek Animal Hospital. They immediately suggested she see a neurologist, so I went to WestVet in Boise. We were there for 3 days - they kept her comfortable, rotated her etc., but after seeing the x-rays said it was a disc injury and there was nothing to be done for her but time/PT, etc.

I was talking with a good friend Wendy Davis over that time, who is a animal PT in Colorado. She told me the 3 key things were 1. HBOT 2. PT and 3. home care. So I contacted Bioshield, and got her in for 4 HBOT appointments about a week after she was hurt. The impact was immediate. She was able to stand - wobbly but standing - after her first few times in the chamber.

I then brought her back here and she has had PT and acupuncture regularly for the past few months. She can walk, chase balls and loves to run with her dog siblings. She is by no means back to where she was before, but her quality of life is good and she can take herself up/down stairs, n and out of the house off the deck, etc.

Thank you so much for your help!

Meet Cooper

Ten-year-old Cooper was diagnosed with FCE. Three HBO treatments were administered within the first 24-hours, a 4th treatment was given on day 3, then allowing 2-days for recuperation and residual healing. Cooper then returned for his last follow-up as is seen in the video. 

Canine cases of FCE often show rapid improvement when promptly treated by Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO or HBOT), the delivery of 100% oxygen under pressure.