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Meet Loki

Loki had a dog-bite on the neck that got infected. His family had lost hope, and thought they were going to have to put Loki down. That’s when they brought him into Northgate Vet Hospital where Dr. Casey Watt performed debridement to clean up the wound, placed him on anabiotic therapy, and referred him to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment here at BioShield HBO. Things started to look up for Loki and his family, as Troy knew Loki was going to be just fine. Loki received 7 treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment over the course of 10 days. His wound has since then completely closed up indicating a full recovery. He is gratefully back to his happy, healthy and playful self. 

“We are forever grateful for Troy and his team for performing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on our dog, Loki. We thought we were going to have to put him down after he was attacked, but thanks to them he has now made a full recovery and after a short period of time he is back to his happy and healthy self. I recommend this team to anyone that is seeking pet treatment, they are so helpful and they give great updates with photos. They are very honest from beginning to end. We cannot thank them enough for saving Loki’s life. They really are a great team and we appreciate them for treating Loki with such kindness and care.”

(Special thanks to Loki’s family for writing this recommendation)

Meet McGee

McGee, a 13-year-old female Golden Doodle was treated for post-surgical infection and necrosis.